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Dash Cam at a glance: 

Q1: What is ZUS Smart Dash Cam?

ZUS Smart Dash Cam is a single-lens video camera that installed inside of your windshield and constantly records video and audio as your drive. 

Q2: Does ZUS Smart Dash Cam provide screen capability? And why?

No. In order to avoid creating distractions for drivers, our Dash Cam don't provide live screen. But you may always review the video footage through your phone. 

Q3: Can I see the live recording from the app?

No, the live video stream is not available in the apps. You can review or download recorded footage in your phone.

Q4: Why do I need ZUS app for my Dash Cam?

We use ZUS app to review/download video footage and manage usage settings.

Q5: Where does the Dash Cam get power?

Our Dash Cam comes with a power cord that can be plugged into any 5 volt USB outlet in your vehicle. 


Dash Came Features:

Q6: How long each recording last for?

It can be adjust into 1mins\3mins\5mins length by settings. 

Q7: How many videos can be saved in the SD card?

It may depends on the storage of your SD card. 1min video is estimated to cover 100MB storage. 16G card can save 2 hours videos in total. The video will be overwrited automatically when the SD memory is out of space. Thus, only the latest videos are saved in your SD card. However, the emergency record can be saved permanently in your SD card. 

Q8: What is emergency recording?

The Dash cam is following loop recording unless there is an accident happened. Collision will trigger emergency recording which will be save in SD card eternally without overwrite. You will need to manual delete them.

Q9: What is the length for emergency recording? 

It depends on the set up record length. The emergency recording won't be recorded to another event video. Once collision happened, the current recording will be read as an emergency recording. 


How to:

Q10: How to turn on/off my Dash Cam?

Dash cam automatically records when the vehicle is turned on with power cable plug in. Recording stops when the vehicle is turned off. 

Q11: How to manually turn off/on my Dash Cam?

If you need to turn off your Dash Cam manually, you may long press the LED button for 2 seconds. Then the LED light will be off with a beep. Dash Cam will be turned on once its power on by vehicle. Or you may single click the LED light button. Then you should see the light turns white with a beep.  

Q12: How to format my SD card?

By device:

You need to manually tun off your Dash Cam (press the LED button for 2 seconds until LED light off) before the formatting. When you see the indication light turns off, long press the button until the light turns to flashing blue. Wait until the LED indication light turn on white again, then you will know the SD card has been formatted successfully. 

By Computer:

You can also format your SD card by using a card reader in computer. File format should be:

Windows PC:FAT32

Q13: Can I download my videos? And How?

Yes, you can download either from your phone or computer. 

Download to Phone: Connect your Dash Came with ZUS app with wifi. You will see the video stream, choose the one you need to download. 

Download to Computer: Remove your SD card when the Dash Can is off. Load the SD card onto your computer for downloading. 


Why is this happening: 

Q14: Why there is a red dot next to my Vehicle icon?

Thats the reminder of your Dash cam need firmware update. You may follow the FAQ article "ZUS Dash Cam OTA Process" to complete the update. 


Q15: Why my Dash Cam can't pass the authorization process?

We suggest you to unplug the USB cable and wait for 10s to plug in again. Then repeat the paring process. 

Q16.Why my camera keeps on 3 times short beeping ?

That's the indication of SD card issue in Dash Cam. Please check if your SD card has been inserted safely inside Dash Cam. Or you may check if the SD card need to be formatted. 

Q17: Why the audio is not recorded?

To protect your privacy, sound recording is closed by default. If you want to record the sound, you can switch on sound recording from app settings. 

Q18. Why my Dash Cam LED light showing constant blue?

It could be caused by mis-operation. You may resolve by unplug then plug in the USB cable again. 


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