[Installation] How to Pair ZUS Smart Dash Cam

Dash Cam LED Indicator:

Constant White: Normal Recording 

Flashing White: Emergency Recording

Breathing Blue: Wi-Fi Hotspot Activated (Dash Cam not recording at this time)

Flashing Blue: Firmware update or SD card formatting 

Red: Abnormal State i.e. SD card related or other issues

No Light: Dash Cam off 


Key Point Before Pairing:

1. Make sure SD card is inserted in Smart Dash Cam (SD card is not included inside the box)

We recommend using 16G or 32G class 10 or upper SD card in ZUS Smart Dash Cam. If you are using 64G SD card, please format the SD card (refer to Q3) before usage. This is caused by the format of the card type itself.

2. Turn on WI-FI & Bluetooth. Android phone please enable location service in your phone settings.

3. During the pairing process when the Dash Cam LED light shows breathing blue the device is not on the recording.


Paring Process:

Step 1: Download "ZUS" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play 


Step 2: Plug in USB power cable and turn on your vehicle's engine to power up the device. (LED light turns to constant white )


Step 3:  Click on "+" in the ZUS app to add ZUS Smart Dash Cam


Step 4: Single click on Dash Cam LED button to trigger the light turns into breathing blue.


Step 5: Follow the app guidance to find Dash Cam Wi-Fi in phone settings and key in the password. 


Step 6: Adjust the Dash Cam angle by the live screen to finish the paring. 



Q1: What to do if I get a reset prompt out? 

If you get below reset prompt out, you may follow the message to complete device reset. After you click on "OK" the device should be turned off for reset automatically. Then you can press the LED button to turn back on the device and repeat the pairing process. 



Q2: Why did I get 'Not connected to Wi-Fi' reminder for my Android phone? 

Please enable location service in your phone settings.

1. Settings > Security and Location > Location on 

2. Settings > apps & notifications > find "ZUS" > permissions > location on 

And repeat the paring process. 


Q3: How to format my SD card?

By device:

You need to manually turn off your Dash Cam ( press the LED button for 2 seconds until LED light off) before the format. When you see the indicator light turns off, long press the button until the light turns to flash blue. Wait until the LED indicator light turn on white again, then you will know the SD card has been formatted successfully. 


By Computer:

You can also format your SD card by using a card reader on a computer running in Windows system. (Do NOT use Mac to format)

1. insert DC SD card in card reader and plug into a computer.

2. Open 'Computer' window by pressing Windows Key + E on your keyboard

3. Find your SD card in the 'Devices with Removable Storage' section. Right-click on your SD card and select Format. 

4. Make sure to select below options:

File system: FAT32

Allocation unit size: 64 kilobytes 

Format options: Quick Format

5. Click Start 


Q4: Why does it take so long for the calibration page to come out?

This is a sign of your dash cam wi-fi could have been interfered by other WI-FI sources. Thus we would suggest you to:

1. move to an outdoor open environment to complete the calibration rather than indoor.

2. Also, it is normal that the first time calibration might take sometimes. You just need a little bit patient with us for about 2-3 minutes.

Things you need to make sure and try on are:

1. Dash Cam LED light is in breathing blue.

2. WI-FI is connected with your app

3. Exit and re-enter the calibration page for few times. 


Q5: Why can't I pass through authentification?

If you can't pass through the authentification. Please try on manually reset the Dashcam by pressing the reset button next to the SD card slot. 

1. Make sure the Dashcam is powered on with LED constant white light.
2. Press the reset button with a pin.
3. Wait until you hear a beep sound from the device and LED will turn to flash a blue light.
4. Turn back on the device and continue with the pairing process.


Q6: Is it normal if I get an "Internet may not be available" prompt out on my phone during the pairing process?

Yes, its quite normal especially for Android users. The Smart Dash Cam Wi-Fi provides a signal to connect Dash Cam with ZUS app, its normal for your phone to identify this Wi-Fi as a non-Internet available WI-FI. 

Thus, to make sure a connection build up, you will need to choose to "keep wifi connection" rather than switch to mobile data. Then you may go back to ZUS app to process the paring. 




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