[Features] How to Manage Your ZUS Smart Dash Cam Through ZUS App?

You will need to connect your Dash Cam with ZUS app to be able to review on saved video footage and adjust settings. 

Step 1: Single press the button in Dash cam to turn the LED light to breathing blue.* Once the wifi has been turned on, the Dash Cam stops recording.*

Step 2: Go to your phone Setting to connect Dash Cam wifi. 

Step 3: Dash Cam is connected when icon light up in ZUS app dashboard.


View the video footage:

Zus app Dashboard > click on “” icon

Recored video footages which stored in SD card can be reviewed from here. Preview video resolution is 640*320.


Video Downloading 

Zus app Dashboard > click on “” icon 

Brief touch each video and click on "" you can download the videos inside your phone. Successfully downloaded video will show as " ". Downloaded video is saved inside the ZUS app.


Video Management:

Click on "" you can:

  1. Review on detailed information of each video.

2. Share the video in social media or save to your local files. *You need to download the video before sharing*.

3. Delete the video from your SD card or local files.


Adjust Dash Cam Settings:

Zus app Dashboard > click on “” icon > Click on "" to open settings page



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