[Installation] How to Install Smart Tire Safety Monitor



If you check this page, it means you might have some problems during the pairing process. If not, it's still good to know more before you start.

The key points for pairing

  1. Set the receiver first before the installation of 4 sensors
  2. Turn on GPS+Bluetooth+Internet on your phone, and receiver should be blinking(not off/on) before starting to pair. 
  3. Pair the receiver in ZUS app instead of the system Bluetooth menu 

Receiver lights Indicator

  • Blinking: Receiver is not connected/ paired with App. Please turn on Bluetooth+GPS+Internet and ZUS app.
  • Keep On: Receiver is connected to ZUS App and connected phone/tablet is nearby. You may switch off your phone system Bluetooth to see if it's connected to this phone. If it still keeps on, please check if ZUS app is installed in another ios/android device and that device should be nearby
  • No lights: Receiver gets no power. Please plugin again.  

If after trying above steps and tips and it still doesn't work, you may contact us at cs@nonda.us with error screenshot and your app account. Our agents would response within 1 hour.   


Step-by-step instructions to pair ZUS STSM:




Q1: Where to download app? 

All our connected car items are in one app. You may search "ZUS" in apple store or google play to find it. Here are two links for your reference: iOS    Android


Q2: What to do if 1-2 sensors failed to show readings/low reading in ZUS app?

1. Turn off car Bluetooth devices or FM devices because they might affect signal

2. Plug the receiver to one laptop/extend usb cable and move closer to the sensor. Unscrew and Screw the sensor to see if the signal can be picked up. That’s because distance matters for the signal strength.

3. If step 1 doesn't work, you may move this sensor to the other tire and see if it works. For example, the Front Left show red with "0.0 PSI", you may move Front Left sensor to front right tire. If app show Front Left (still left on App) tire pressure correctly, it means it's the problem of the valve stem or installation. If app show Front Left same like before, this sensor may be defective. 

4. If it still doesn't show number, please contact our customer service at cs@nonda.us with your screenshot for before and after switch + your car model and our engineer would reply you in 12 hours. 

*Note: The ZUS STSM will work on four-wheeled vehicles up to 19.6ft/5.9m in length. Sensors are not compatible with RVs, trailers, semi trucks or motorhomes.


Q3: What to do if ALL of the sensors failed to show readings/low reading in ZUS app?

"0.0 PSI" means app get the reading at first installation and then lost the pressure data. Usually, it's because the sensor is not in right position. Extremely low pressure like "4.0 PSI" for all 4 tires means the valve stem may be too short. Please follow the above instruction to fix the problem. 


1. You may remove the anti-theft nut and tighten sensor again to test. If it works, it means either it's because the valve stem is short or the sensor is not tightly secured. Usually, you can hear hissing when installing the sensors. If you didn't hear that, probably valve stem is short and didn't make a contact. If it's valve stem too short, you may go to a car shop and let then unscrew the valve stem a little and it would be higher. Be careful, or you would get a flat tire. 

2. Is your vehicles over 19.6ft/5.9m in length? Sensors are not compatible with RVs, trailers, semi trucks or motor homes because it is out of the signal range. You may move the receiver to the back seats which is in the middle of the car and run 14 mph for 10mins to see if it works. 

3. Turn off your car's Bluetooth and FM to avoid signal interference.

4. If it still doesn't work, please contact our customer service at cs@nonda.us with your ZUS app account +  screenshot + what you tired + your car model and our engineer would reply you in 12 hours. 


Q4: I am using an Android phone and it cannot connect again after the first pair, why? 

1. Pair the receiver in ZUS app instead of the system Bluetooth menu. You may disconnect from your system Bluetooth list and pair again in ZUS app.  

2. Check if there is other Bluetooth devices nearby like your car Bluetooth.You may turn it off and see if that's the reason. 


Q5: How to use car finder or mileage feature?  

ZUS app is an all-in-one app so car finder and mileage features are for ZUS car charger. You may find the charger here. You may find instruction of the feature in FAQ as well. 


Q6: Is it normal that it takes 10 mins for calibrating?

If the car is parking, it takes 10 mins. You may drive the car over 14 mph/ 22kph and it would be quicker to get the reading. But for the best connection, you may use move the receiver to the center of the car or use portable power bank to check where is the best position for signal transmission. Please make sure the receiver is not in a box but more open area for the signal to transfer.  


Q7: What to do if I cannot screw the sensors off the valve stem? 

We recommend you to add oil and unscrew the sensor every two weeks especially in the winter season. That's because antioxidation coating might be scratched during the installation occasionally and salt spread in snow would trigger the oxidation reaction. If you find the sensor is hard to remove, you may go to the local repairing store, replace the valve stem and contact us cs@nonda.us to return the set for replacement or refund. If you still want to use the sensors, we would recommend you to replace with the aluminum valve stem


Q8: Why it says "ZUS is currently Used by someone else"?

If a pop-up message appears that says "ZUS is owned by someone else" and you need to send a request, it means your ZUS is owned by the other account which might be the other account of yours if you change a new phone.

Did you still have your old account name/password?

Yes, I still have account name + password: You may log out this account and log in by your old account directly. ZUS is under your old account.

Yes, but I only have the account name: Please try "forget password" and log into your old account with new password. ZUS is under your old account.

No, or I have no idea which account my ZUS connected to: Please click the request in pop-up message by new account and contact our Customer Service at cs@nonda.us with your new ZUS app account. We'll help you reset. 

Q8: Why it shows no signal while my Smart Tire Safety Monitor is brand new?

You can unplug and plug in the battery to reboot each sensor. 


* UI may be different in latest app version

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