Why ZUS isn't on CarPlay?

As much as we wanted to and been asked by various iPhone users to support CarPlay, unfortunately, we are not eligible for the CarPlay navigation app entitlement.


To become a CarPlay App, Apple has strict limitations on the App's category. Unless we make ZUS a navigation App, it won't be possible for us to support CarPlay.

Quote from Apple CarPlay Developer's Guideline:

CarPlay navigation apps must function within the parameters provided by Apple. All CarPlay Navigation apps must provide route guidance as their primary function. Other kinds of apps, including apps designed primarily to locate points of interest, apps designed primarily to provide services other than navigation, and apps that don’t provide route guidance, are not eligible for the CarPlay navigation app entitlement. For details, see the CarPlay Navigation APIs Addendum to the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

The CarPlay framework is for use by navigation apps only. If you want to add CarPlay support to your audio app, use MPPlayableContentManager. For messaging apps,...


We are feeling so bad that we received several 1-star bad ratings in regards to not being able to support CarPlay. Please rate us as you wish on App Store but please don't give us a bad rating simply because we don't support CarPlay.

We are watching closely on every new update Apple has to make in the future and once the limitations are lifted, we will integrate CarPlay as fast as we can. 

If you have other feature requests, feel free to send it to zus-dev@nonda.us.

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