Maximize the Life of Your Car Battery

Charge Level

Regardless of what type of starter battery is used: you should always keep an eye on the charge level in order to maintain the highest possible charging capacity. Reliable and adequate charging of the battery can considerably extend its life. In the case of sporadic use of the vehicle, charging at intervals of about two months maintains the performance of the battery and extends its life.


Regular checks of the charging level

At winter temperatures, the performance of all batteries is restricted for chemical reasons and the generator can only provide an inadequate charge over short distances. It is therefore even more important to regularly check the charge level of car batteries. A headlight check gives an approximate impression of the charge level of the battery. If the headlights quickly become darker when the engine is switched off, the battery should be charged as soon as possible.

Safety First

Not using electrical consumers such as seat and steering wheel heaters reduces fuel consumption and puts less strain on the battery. Priority should be given to systems that are used for road safety. Therefore, the headlights should remain switched on at dusk. Important, safety-relevant electronic assistants should also remain activated. 

Clean Environment

A clean environment at the battery installation location helps to minimize the tendency for self-discharge because in combination with moisture dirt in the vicinity of the battery terminals can promote leakage currents. Cleaning the terminals and connections prevents corroded contacts, minimizes contact resistance and therefore improves charging and cold-start capability.



Monitor your car battery health and avoid the hassle of a drained battery. Identify potential issues by tracking voltage over time and get alerts whenever a battery check is recommended.


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