Come Discover ZUS AI on Alexa

We are so proud to announce that we just added ZUS AI as one Alexa skill.

Here's the simple step-by-step to start using this skill with Alexa.

Locate "ZUS AI"


1) Click on the side button in the upper left corner.

2) Choose Games & Skills.

3) Type “ZUS” in the search bar.

Locate "ZUS AI"


1) Click on "ENABLE TO USE"

2) Click on "SETTINGS" and proceed on the page.

Link Your "ZUS" Account


1) Login your ZUS account on this webpage.

Playing Around with Alexa

Learn about your car simply by asking ALEXA.

You can ask Alexa about your car's status by saying, Alexa, Open ZUS AI, then say the keywords like, "tire pressure" and "car battery".

"tire pressure" -- Alexa will then tell you your car's tire pressure readings.

"car battery" -- Alexa will then let you know your car battery voltage readings recorded by the ZUS app.

or using complete sentences like these:

  1. Alexa*, ask ZUS AI, where’s my car? 
  2. Alexa, ask ZUS AI, how’s my car battery health condition?
  3. Alexa, ask ZUS AI, how’s the condition of my tires?
  4. Alexa, ask ZUS AI, how many miles did I drive?

How to Pronounce "ZUS AI"?

As easy as it appears: /'zu:s/ /ei/ /ai/

Enjoy and don't hesitate to give your feedback via at any time!


Best Regards,

ZUS Team

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