Oops! Do You Really Know How To Inflate Your Tires?

The recommended PSI for your vehicle’s tires is determined by the vehicle’s manufacturer and the recommended tire size.

Do Not use the max PSI that is printed on the tire sidewall. Don’t confuse this PSI with the recommended tire PSI. This number is the maximum tire pressure amount that is allowed in this tire which means if you fill the tire to this PSI level you are 100% over-inflating your tires. This could cause serious issues. 


We all know that the number one issue we should care about the tires and how much air we are inflating in it is SAFETY. Besides this fact, over-inflation can lead to poor handling and comfort, overheating and blowouts. Over 40 PSI is a dangerous level for most vehicles!

The Right PSI Level

Make sure you always use the recommended PSI as provided in your owner’s manual and don’t go any more than 5 PSI over the recommended level. You should make sure, however, that your tires are appropriate for your vehicle. You can do this by checking the car owner’s manual or the placard that is on the inside of the driver-side door, glove box, or fuel door.


Most car tire pressure recommendations range from 30-35 PSI.

Also bear in mind, on the placard you can see the different recommendation levels to stick to for different scenarios, for those who are always carrying passengers and for those lonely drivers. Other than the number of passengers that can affect the recommended PSI level, the position of the tires is also a factor to be considered. You will find on the placard or user manual that the recommended PSI level is DIFFERENT. Don’t take it for granted that all four tires are of the same PSI level. 

How do you check your tire pressure?

Still checking your tire pressure only when you receive a TPMS alert in the tire shop with a gauge? (If you are not familiar with TPMS, we have an article specifying on this.) Hi there, it’s now what we call the IoT era, everything should be connected and this everything includes your TIRE! If you are familiar with ZUS Smart Tire Pressure Monitor, then you are already equipped with the ability to check your tire pressure value, anytime, anywhere*! What’s more, if you don’t know how to set the alert threshold, simply put the recommended value in the app and ZUS will automatically alert you when something’s fallen out of range!


Pic (L): Tire Pressure History Graph. (R): Customizable Tire Alert Threshold

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