Stop Blaming Your Chargers Anymore!

You are equipped with the top-notched charger already and yet constantly your phone isn’t properly charged. Angry at the funds spent on the luxurious charger already? Wait, have you ever checked the charging cable you use?



Actually, if your phone is charging slowly, checking the charging cable should always be the first thing to do on the list. These charging cables are designed to be less robust than your device’s port. You’d rather have your cable break than your phone’s port because the cable is much easier and cheaper to replace. This fact alone makes the charging cable another wearable piece on your shopping list.

But don’t you ever get angry with yourself for a bunch of useless cables?

Charging cables are dropped, bent, stepped on, even bit by cats & dogs and plugged in and out of devices several times on a daily basis. It’s pretty understandable once you consider all the wear and tear your miserable cable goes through in the course of everyday use. Cables are also twisted miserably in awkward angles without being conscious of. No wonder they might quit serving their position someday.

Too Many Bad Cables

There are, of course, a lot of third-party cables on the market that can charge up your smartphone, but as we have described, many of them have been designed to take limited bends. Stop re-upping on low quality charging cables that tear after just a few months.


Pic source: Right: ZUS Super Duty Charging Cable

The ZUS Super Duty Charging Cable can bend over 15,000 times, 50% more than the nearest competitor, and is covered by a lifetime warranty. That's how confident ZUS is in their cables. These cables are built with the same aramid fiber technology used in aerospace and military applications so normal wear and tear just won't affect them.

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