No GPS Signal Area - Pin your Location Manually


Did you know that when you park in places without GPS signal (like in a multi-story or underground parking garage), ZUS can still help you locate your car? You can manually pin your parking location on the ZUS app and then take a picture of important details such as your parking space number or floor number.

You can use this same process below to adjust an already saved location for increased accuracy.

Step-by-step instructions to save your parking location manually:

  1. Open the ZUS app to see the Compass View and then scroll down to the Map View
  2. Press and hold the car icon shown on the Map View for 3 seconds and you will see the pin activated
  3. Drag the pin to your correct location and then let go of the pin
  4. Click OK/SAVE

Here's how to take a picture if you like to record more details.

IMG_0170.PNG IMG_0171.PNG IMG_0172.PNG

 * UI may be different in the latest version of the app

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