You Could Make ZUS App Better

Hello ZUS User,

App features grow day by day and it's becoming ever more difficult for us by simply inviting professional translators to accomplish the translation project. 

We do believe a real user other than a translator has a better understanding of the App itself and we sincerely invite you to be a part of us. That's the reason we came up with the idea of inviting you guys for improving the translations to make it even better.


We are now on a CrowdIn project for the translation and any user could access by clicking the link below:

We will give incentives to those who contribute to the project.

No matter you join our project or not, I appreciate your effort by reading this tiny article.

Feel free to give us continuous feedback via at any time.


You could make the ZUS App even better!

Julieta and the ZUS App team


Contribution Board

Updated 14th June 2019

@hotsync suggested more than 300 translations into Korean BRAVO!!!!

@att1234567 suggested the translation into Spanish, United States

@hungchu78 suggested 11 translations into Chinese Traditional

@Po suggested 5 translations into Chinese Traditional

@stereoz voted for 2 suggestions in Russian

@Mynigman suggested 11 translations into Spanish, United States

@AlexN73 suggested 1 translation into Spanish, United States

@Mynigman suggested 2 translations into Spanish, United States

Updated 6th June 2019

@danielesilvi suggested 5 translations into Italian

@Po suggested 199 translations into Chinese Traditional

@MilwaukeeFox suggested 2 translations into Russian

@vciucaandrei suggested 2 translations into Spanish, United States

Updated 4th June 2019

@Ng2william contributed 41 translations into Chinese Traditional in the iOS file.

@DeeKay suggested 1 translation into German in the iOS file.

@dr.hemeryck suggested 39 translations into Dutch.

Thank you so much, will keep this section updated on a daily basis!

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