Why Do I Get an "N/A" in My Monthly (Weekly) Report?

Basically we have 4 data fields in the Monthly report that gives you glance of your driving stats for the past month, if you ever get an "N/A[?]" in the caption or in the data field, that means you either don't possess the related device to provide data or your paired device hasn't been able to upload data. In the latter case, please check the connection status when you start your next trip.

Simply put, N/A could mean any of the following issues:

  • You don't have available data for this type of device.
  • You don't have the right type of device to generate the data.

When you see no device installed, this means you don't have certain ZUS device paired to your  ZUS account to generate the data.

Supported Devices in relation to the data fields in the report:

Feel free to contact zus-dev@nonda.us for feedback, any additional data you wish to be included in the report?

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ZUS Team


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