[ZUS Suggestion] Tire Health Check Up

How to understand tire tread wear?

Penny Test 

You should check with your tire tread deep timely and decide whether its time to change your tires. 

1.66mm or deeper  Good
1.6mm Replace Tires Soon
1.6mm or less Replace Tires Now

You may simply check by inserting a penny into your tire's tread groove with Lincoln's head upside down. If you can see all of Lincoln's head you will need to replace your tire.


Tread Wear Indicator

The tread wear indicators are located inside the tread groove. Normally you can't see them as they are deep inside the groove. If they become visible, it's the time for you to replace your tire. 


Tire Sidewall Cracks

Except for tire surface cracks, sidewall cracks need more of your attention. Sidewall cracks can easily lead to exposure. If you find severe cracks you need to replace your tire. Meanwhile, shallow cracks may not be an immediate concern, but sometimes cracks can get worse in no time. 


Bubble in Sidewall

If you find the presence of the bubble in the sidewall, we suggest you take immediate action and visit the dealership. A bubble in the sidewall tire indicates the thin sidewall piles are keeping the tire from blowout. Tire exposure at highway speed could cause a severe safety concern. So we strongly suggest you address immediately. 



ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor sensors check up

Sensor Caps

If you are using ZUS Tire Safety Monitor, we suggest you to timely check up if your sensor caps still remain in sensors. The caps are for protection usage. Damage or lost will cause sensor defectiveness. 


If you find cracked or damaged caps, we suggest you to:

a. Change with the replacement cap inside the product package.

b. Contact cs@nonda.us to make a purchase for extra caps. 

Sensor Statue

We recommend you to unscrew sensors every two weeks especially during winter. Because antioxidation coating might be scratched during the installation and salt spread in snow would trigger the oxidation reaction.



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