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You might notice that there is a CarBlock Token page after the latest app update 6.2.7 and wonder what it is. This page may help you to understand this feature better. 

CarBlock Token is the rewards that we provide to every customer. You need to have a ZUS car charger to activate the feature and it would give you income when you drive your car using the charger.  There would be a variety kinds of factors that affect your daily CarBlock Token income.  

Positive:Mining Power, Driving Time

  • More chargers and higher mining power
  • More features enabled like Mileage, Battery and higher mining power
  • More smartphone storage allowed and higher mining power
  • The longer time you drive

Negative: Users

  • More users start to activate the feature, the harder it would be 
  • Claim the token in 24 hours or it would be gone. (Settle Time UTC 13:00-14:00)
  • The overall daily rewards halves every 3 years since May 1st, 2018

For more details, you may check:

Now you are ready to earn the CarBlock Token!

Q1: What can the CarBlock Token be used for? 

Later, it would be available to withdraw and trade in the market. You may either keep it or sell these tokens you earned. 

Q2: Why I need to verify the email address? 

We would verify whether your email address is valid and owned by you since you need to check the email to withdraw the token to your E-wallet. This would help to improve the security. This verification process is only needed when you active the CarBlock feature. 

Q3: Why I drive the car today but there is no token reward? 

The car charger needs to be connected to your ZUS app. If change lights do not stay on or ZUS app doesn't show the car voltage in green, it means it's not connected and it would not count as a valid drive. See more Here for how to make sure your ZUS is connected.

Q4: What is mining power and how is it calculated?

Mining power is determined by the amount of mining data generated by the smart devices and the smartphone storage attributed to mining. The higher your mining power, the more CAR tokens you get.

Q5: What happens if I don't claim my token in 24 hours? 

Sadly, if you don't claim, the token you earn that day would be cleaned and gone. But it won't affect the token you already claimed and earned. 

Q6: Why I drive the same miles but the token I earned is different? 

Yes, that's true. There would be a variety kinds of factors that affect your daily CarBlock Token income even you own the same devices and set the same on your app. The positive and negative points at top of the page may provide you a brief idea. With more and more users join the driving, it would be less token allocate to each user. 

Q7: What if I have other questions about carblock token? 

You may join our CarBlock telegram group and online chat discussion is available. 

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