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All vehicle data generated by the mining device will remain private and encrypted.


What is mining power and how is it calculated?

Mining power is determined by the amount of mining data generated by the smart device and the smartphone storage attributed to mining. The higher your mining power, the more CAR tokens you get.


Which nonda devices can be used for mining and what kind of data can be mined?

The ZUS Smart Car Charger and the nonda Smart Car Charger generate trip and car battery data for mining.

The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor generates tire pressure and temperature data.

The ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor generates data regarding vehicle speed, revolution, turbo, coolant temperature, engine load and fuel consumption.


You can select whichever data you’d like to be used for mining and deactivate any one of them at anytime.


Smartphone storage for mining:

You can contribute a certain amount of your smartphone’s storage to data mining. The bigger the allotted storage, the higher your mining power.


Mining duration

Occurs on a daily basis from 0:00 to 23:59 PST.


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