[Feature] Car Battery Health Monitor



You can access real-time readings of your car's battery voltage when the ZUS app is connected with ZUS charger which ZUS lights should keep on.To make the best use of your car's battery data, observe trends over time to see if your car battery needs a check up.


Dashboard > Tap Battery Icon 



Q1: Why I only have 30-Days Free for Car Battery Health Monitor

If you have nonda smart car charger with one QuickCharge Port (not ZUS), this feature won't be free to you. You may purchase in app store or got a redeem code to enjoy the feature after the trial. 


Q2: How to restore my subscription if I changed a ZUS account or change phone system? 

As long as you log in by the same iOS/Android account, you may restore your subscription even you changed a ZUS account. You may go to Dashboard > Profile at top right > Subscription > Restore All Purchases

If you change between iOS and Android phones but still use the same ZUS account, the subscription would also synchronize automatically. 


* UI may be different in the latest version of the APP

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