[Feature] Family Share


By sharing, your partner, family or friends who often drive your car can use ZUS directly. Additionally, you know where your car parked even you are not in the car. Here are some instructions for your reference.


How to Share My ZUS

  1. Dashboard > Tap Car Icon at top left > More > Family Share > Tap “Add” at top right
  2. Input your friend’s ZUS account and tap “Share”

How to unshare my ZUS

  1. Dashboard > Tap Car Icon at top left > More > Family Share > Tap “Remove” under “Shared With”

How to Access to my Friend’s ZUS

  1. Dashboard > Tap “Add” at the top right > “Send to owner”
  2. Owner will get the notification and need to add your account to his share list


Q1: When I use family share feature, what is shared and what is not share? 

When you share your ZUS to others, only 2 things shared to your friend. One is the access to ZUS device and the other is the parking location. For the other data like mileage, care battery voltage data and tire pressure data, they won’t be shared to others and would only be recorded under your account or your friends’ account respectively


Q2: When I share my ZUS, it says “xx@xx.com is not a nonda account.” What should I do?

If your friend’s email is not registered in ZUS app, you can choose either “Send email invitation” or “Send a link” to invite your friend to ZUS app. Your invitation would be valid for 71 hours. Make sure your friend would register within the time, otherwise you need to share again.


Q3: What’s the difference to remove under “Share by” and “Share With”?

Remove in “Share by” means remove all friends while you could remove each friend respectively in “Share With”.

Shared by: It’s the ZUS Owner. Tap “Remove” here would lead to removing all friends who are accessed to this ZUS

Shared With: It’s the one we can access to use this ZUS. You may remove each friend by tapping “Remove” here.


Q4: Shall I use family share before giving my ZUS to a friend?

If your friend would be the owner of this ZUS, it’s better to remove it from your ZUS app and let your friend pair as the owner. You can remove the ZUS by Dashboard > Tap Car Icon at top left > More > Paired Devices > Tap the exclamation mark > Remove.


* UI may be different in latest app version

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