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Three key points to check if ZUS didn't save your parking location: App is running, Bluetooth on and GPS on from the beginning of the drive. The three lights of ZUS should be on.  It is important to understand what the ZUS lights indicator means while using the App. 

ZUS lights Indicator

  • Blinking:ZUS is not connected with App.No parking location and mileage would be recorded. Please turn on Bluetooth+GPS+Internet and ZUS app.
  • No lights:ZUS is not connected with the cigarette lighter or App. No parking location, mileage or battery voltage would be recorded. Please plug in or adjust charger's position.  
  • Keep On: ZUS is connected with ZUS App and it's ready to record your parking location after parking. 


Before You Begin

  • ZUS App is running, GPS + Internet + Bluetooth are ON
  • ZUS Lights stay on (not blinking or off) 


Find Your Car

  1. When you park your car: Car Voltage would be lower than standard, which lets maps mark the location of your car. ZUS app would notify you in 10 sec and record your parking location automatically
  2. When you try to find your car: You may tap on the map to check car’s location, let the blue icon facing the parked car icon and follow the direction to find your car. 


If you're parking in a location that is underground or in a multi-story lot, ZUS will not be able to save that parking location due to a lack of GPS signal on your phone. In these situations, we recommend that you manual save your parking location or take a photo


If it still doesn't work, please send us a screenshot of the map view, the compass view on the ZUS app and your app account along with your real location and date and our engineers would check for you. Our customer care email is cs@nonda.us.


Q1: What triggers ZUS to save my car's location to my phone

There are two triggers that ZUS utilizes to pin your location when you park. They work together.

  • When you turn off your engine, ZUS senses a voltage change through the cigarette lighter and therefore will ping your phone to save the car's location, so ZUS engages your phone's GPS to remember the location.
  • When ZUS is not able to sense this change in voltage, ZUS utilizes the Bluetooth disconnection between your phone and the ZUS charger when you walk a short distance away from your car. If ZUS is using this method, the location pinned may be the location at the point of disconnection. This second method often occurs for cars whose cigarette lighter remains powered on when the engine is off.

Q2: How do I know that ZUS has successfully saved my car's location

There are a couple of things you can check - seeing any one of them means that your car's location has been saved.

  • Push Notification: You should receive this push notification on your phone within a few seconds of parking: "Location saved successfully. Do you want to set a parking meter alert?". Make sure to turn on Parking Notification under Settings on the ZUS app in order to see this.
  • Last Parking Time Displayed is 1 min ago: The Compass View on the app should change from "ZUS is connected" to say "Your Car is Nearby" with the last parking time saved as 1 minute ago.

Q3: Why my parking location is not saved? 

Usually, parking location would be recorded automatically. If it's not the case for you, it's mainly because the ZUS charger is not connected with ZUS app either at the beginning or the end of the drive. The key points are to check follows before you start driving. 

  • ZUS App is running, GPS + Internet + Bluetooth are ON
  • ZUS Lights stay on (not blinking or off) 
  • For iOS, please choose "Always" for location service in system setting. For Android, you need to make sure ZUS app would run when you power on the phone and at background (lock or won't be removed) 

If you find your ZUS is blinking, it means the app is not connected to your charger so your parking location or mileage won't be recorded. Try following steps to understand how ZUS works.  If you confirm your ZUS lights are on all the way, you may send us the screenshot of map view and compass view with your ZUS account to cs@nonda.us and our engineers would check for you.  

Step-by-step App Screenshots 

1. Before you start driving, make sure ZUS is connected (ZUS lights are on)


2. When you park your car, you may check if lights are still on/off (not blinking) and the location is saved correctly. 


3. Long press and adjust the car icon if the parking location is not correct. 

NOTE: If your car has power after parking, it would show the car battery voltage; If not, it won’t show voltage which is the same as the picture.



* UI may be different in latest version of APP


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