[Feature] Handy Features for Car Finder


No. 1: Set Parking Alarm

Set an alarm in your ZUS app to remind you when to go back and refill that parking meter. This neat feature will help you avoid parking tickets.

  1. Go to “Car Finder”, tap on Alarm and set time
  2. Alarm will ring when the ticking ends




No.2: Save your parking location manually

Did you know that when you park in places without GPS signal (like in a multi-story or underground parking garage), ZUS can still help you locate your car? You can manually adjust your parking location on the ZUS app and then take a picture of important details such as your parking space number or floor number.

  1. Go to “Car Finder” and tap the Map View
  2. Press and hold the car icon shown on the Map View for 3 seconds and you will see the pin activated
  3. Drag the pin to your correct location and then let go of the pin
  4. Click OK/SAVE



No.3: Take a picture of parking location

  1. Go to “Car Finder” and tap the Camera icon
  2. Take the picture and choose “Use Photo” for iOS or choose tick for Android
  3. Click on edit if you want to change the picture



No.4: Enable/Disable App Parking Notifications  

Whenever you park, the ZUS app will do a push notification to let you know that your parking location was successfully saved and ask you whether you want to set a meter alarm. You can disable the notification altogether. 

Car Finder > Settings > Parking Notification > On/Off


No. 5: Do Not Disturb Zone

You can set specific locations as "Do Not Disturb Zones", so that when you park, the notification does not appear such as by your home or office. 

Car Finder > Settings > Do Not Disturb Zone > On/Off


No. 6: Satellite Map View/Open in Map / Share the Parking Location

Car Finder > Tap Map at the bottom > Tap "…“ > Satellite

Car Finder > Tap Map at the bottom > Tap "…“ > Open in Map

Car Finder > Tap Map at the bottom > Tap "…“ > Share the Parking Location


* UI may be different in the latest version of the app


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