How to: Classify Drives

Once the ZUS app has detected that you've taken a drive, a drive card will automatically show up with start and end locations, mileage, and time. At this point, drive details can be added.

Business / Personal Classification:

The primary classification categories with ZUS is whether the drive was for business (swipe right) or for personal (swipe left). A simple swipe across the screen in either direction classifies the drive.

Custom Purpose Classification:

ZUS now offers Custom Purpose classification with a long swipe and pause on ZUS app.  Swiping a drive card halfway across the screen will reveal a "Choose Purpose" prompt.

The default secondary Business purposes are:
• Between Offices
• Customer Visit
• Meeting
• Errand/Supplies
• Meal/Entertain
• Temporary Site
• Airport/Travel

And the default secondary Personal purposes are:
• Commute
• Medical
• Charity
• Moving


• Circumstances may vary, but according to the IRS (and most employers), any trip from your home to an office location is a commute which is a personal expense. That said, it never hurts to ask your employer if they reimburse. Please consult your tax preparer if you have any further questions related to the reimbursement of travel expenses.

• A drive that has been classified incorrectly from the mobile app can be changed at anytime.

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