How Key Finder works?

AIKO locations are updated using the Bluetooth radio connection between an AIKO and AIKO app running on a phone. The AIKO app "discovers" an AIKO using the Bluetooth signal and then uses the location services of the device to update the location information for that AIKO. When connected, you can view on a map and ring your AIKO.


Separation Alert

When you leave your keys with a cell phone over a distance, the phone will receive a separate notice. While also recording this moment by the position of the mobile phone, if you did not notice this notice, you will know about forgotten somewhere.


Find Your Key

When you forget your key in there, you can open the APP. If the key is nearby, you'll see the Beep button, you click the Beep, AIKO will sound, you can find your keys. If the key is out of range, you can see the last place of the keys. And also, you can MARK AS LOST to ask nonda community to try to find this lost one for you.


Find Your Phone

When you do not know where you are on the phone. If AIKO at your side, you can click on the button of AIKO, when the light is blue, your phone will ring a particular tone. You can find your phone ringing.

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