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How often should the iHere be charged?
We recommend charging the iHere every 12 to 15 days with normal usage. Normal usage is considered using the iHere once a day. If the device is used more often, then it is recommended to charge it more frequently. The nice thing the about the app is that is has a battery indicator right on it allowing you to know exactly where the battery percentage is at. 
Which phones are compatible?
The phones that are compatible with the device are iPhone 4s-8 with iOS 7.1 or greater. For Android, the operating system must be 4.3 or higher.
How many iHere/Car Key Finder can I have connected to my phone at once?
Currently, you can have up to 10 different iHeres connected to any single device.
How long is the range of Bluetooth?
The range of the Bluetooth connection of the device is about 75 feet when outdoors where there are no physical barriers. While indoors, the range is much shorter because the Bluetooth connection might be interfered with walls, etc.
Can one device be connected to multiple phones?
Yes, but the device can only connect to one phone at one time. Once it's disconnected, it's free to connect to the other.
Why does it beep?
  1. It beeps once when it first connects and whenever it reconnects to the iHere3 app.  
  2. It beeps serval times when phone and the device is separated
  3. It beeps continuously after you tap "Find" on app 
These 3 beeps can be deactivated in setting > Separation Alarm within the setting in the app. 
How to deactivate the separation alarm?
Tap  the top right icon > Setting > Separation Alarm > OFF (white color)


What does the light indicator mean?

  • After pressing once, red light blink once:iHere is ready to pair
  • After pressing once, green light blink once:iHere is connected with phone
  • Red light is blinking: Bluetooth is disconnected
What to do if the device is not connecting?
1. Please make sure you paired the device in the app instead of system Bluetooth. 
2. Check what's the lights indicator. The correct one is that if you press the device once, it blinks red once. 
3. Close and reopen the app. Try to turn Bluetooth on and off. Check if it' in right function in the app: CLICK > Call Phone.
4. The app needs to be running at back system if you want to use it all the time. Once the app is closed, you cannot get the response by pressing the button on the device. 
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