How to troubleshoot an iHere that is not connecting

1) Make sure the iHere has a full charge (while connected, the light will turn from red to green when it has a full charge).

2) Once charged, activate the iHere by long pressing the button on the device (6 to 10 seconds) until the light blinks green. Let go of the button and the iHere should begin to blink a red light signifying that it is broadcasting and ready to be sync'd.

3) Download the iHere3 app. Making sure the app is allowed to constantly running in the background. If you do not let the app run in the background, it will disconnect.

4) Please make sure your Bluetooth is consistently on.

5) If all of the above does not work, please try completely removing the iHere and re-adding it (if you have already tried this, move onto next step).

6) Un-install the app and reinstall. Re-sync the device.

7) When the app is searching for the device after clicking add, hold down the iHere button.

If the above steps do not work, you can always watch the tutorial videos that are directly located in the iHere app or at



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