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Safety center provides you a way to be a professional doctor for your car. 

When the "Check Engine Light" is suddenly on next time, you just need to scan and read the detailed explanation about OBD II Trouble Codes then decide if you need to go for a check. If it's not a problem, you may use the safety center to decode and the lights won't show on your dashboard anymore. No worries anymore.   


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Q1: How to decode engine error codes? 

ZUS app > Safty Center > Scan/Rescan > Tap the Broom Icon at top right corner  (see pic below)

  • The broom icon would show up only if there is error code appeared.
  • Some error codes need you to restart the engine and rescan before it's cleared
  • Some error codes cannot be decoded. We advise you to check the car at a local store to make sure your safety. 

NOTE: Please decode when you fully understand the problem for your car safety concern. 



Q2: Why can I still scan when the monitor is disconnected? 

Yes, recan is still available when it's disconnected. That's because every time the monitor is connected it would scan and the data would be stored on your phone. You don't need to be in the car and can check the data of the last synchronization at any time. 


Q3: What is Vehicle Service Reminder?

After you input the Last Service Date and Mileage Between Service for the car, ZUS app would remind you when the above two conditions are met and then you may go to your nearby car service center. 

  1. You scan your car by safety center.
  2. The mileage reaches the value you input.  

To activate the feature: Top Left Car icon > choose a car and tap "i" >Vehicle Service Reminder >ON

Note Mileage calculation based on the mileage feature. If you didn't subscribe the mileage feature, it would only record 60 trips/month so it might not be accurate for vehicle service reminder. 

About Mileage: https://nonda.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001219851--Feature-Mileage-Log


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