[Installation] How to Install ZUS Backup Camera

The installation of the backup camera looks complicated but it's actually simple. If you check this page before installation, you would definitely be 30 minutes quicker than others.  


Key Points for Pairing

  1. Pair the camera with your phone before installing it on your license plate
  2. Long press the button and start pairing after the LED light blinks three times (blinking once means the camera is turning off) 
  3. Pair the camera in the ZUS app instead of via your phone's Bluetooth settings menu 


Step-by-step instructions to Install


Part 1 Preparation

  1. Charge the backup camera until it shows the green light and unplug.
  2. Long press the start button to turn it on. (The green light blinks three times then off. )
  3. Switch on the internet, Bluetooth and WIFI on your phone (DO NOT PAIR VIA YOUR PHONE'S BLUETOOTH SETTINGS) 
  4. Download the latest ZUS app and open the app to create an account and a new car (skip for old users) 
  5. Tap the top right corner "+" icon to add the camera and the Bluetooth status will show connected 
  6. Connect the WIFI by ZUS_BACKUP_CAM with password 12345678

*If you pair in your phone's Bluetooth settings menu, the camera won't be detected by the ZUS app anymore. 

*Once WIFI is connected, you should see the movements from the app. Now you can move to part 2. 


Part 2 Installation

Please choose one of the installation methods on the manual. Two questions you need to answer before the installation. 

A. Where is your registration sticker?

B. How many screw holes are there on your car?

  • If A=bottom, please use method 3. 
  • If A=top and B=2, please use method 1. 
  • If A=top and B=4, please use method 2. 


Part 3 Calibration

  1. Open ZUS app > Tap the Top left car icon > Smart Backup Camera > Guideline > Guideline Calibrate 
  2. Connect Bluetooth and WIFI again
  3. Tap the point you want to adjust and it change to green color
  4. Adjust the guidelines to align with the two parking lines on the ground 
  5. Tap "SAVE"


You are ready now. Enjoy using the backup camera! 

If you have any questions regarding the above, you can connect with one of our camera installation specialists at 650-250-5126 between Mon-Fri, 10am - 6pm PST.


Q1: What is rattling around the inside when I am shaking it? 

No worries. It's the screw on both sides. You may hold them and shake again, it would disappear.  


Q2: I charged it for 5 hours and the led is still red? How long is the charging time? 

  • The charging adapter required is 5V 1.5A.
  • Please charge 5 hours each time even the led turns green.
  • Return to Dashboard after using the camera in App or battery would be drain quickly
  • Update app to 6.2 version

If it's lower than 1.5A, it won't charge and you need to change an adapter. Also, you may switch a cable to see if it's the problem. 


Q3: How long can I use the camera after charging?

The batteries take 5200mAh in total and it can be used for 11 hours. Standby mode equals 10 minutes using in power consumption.  It means if you use the camera 5 mins a day, it can be used for 44 days [11*60/(10+5)]. 

If you can use less than 5 minutes, please check the two points in Q2. 


Q4: Why my wifi cannot connect?  

  • For IOS: We have reports show that some carrier like T-mobile might have the IP address conflict with iOS version 11.2 or above. You may set WIFI manually to solve it. See the instruction here: Tap the top left corner car icon > Smart Backup Camera > Manual Wi-Fi Configuration. 
  • For Android: Please switch off the 4g signal and try again. It's a carrier IP address related problem. 

If it still doesn't work, please send us a screenshot of your phone carrier information at cs@nonda.us and we would forward to our engineer to check. 
Settings>Gerneral > About  


Q5:Why does it need Bluetooth an WIFI connection? 
Bluetooth is the connection between the phone and the backup camera. It's used to send requests and commands to the backup camera. Wifi is for the video and image transfer which is faster than Bluetooth.   


Q6: How do I adjust the guidelines to the ground? They are pointing to air.  

It might be the curve direction of the car's backside which makes the camera point to the sky. You may adjust the camera by adding some pad to make it point to the ground. 

Also, you may switch the guideline by followings steps and still check the back view. We would update the position of the view in future versions and thank you indeed for the advice. 

Tap the Top left car icon > Smart Backup Camera > Guideline > Guideline > OFF 


Q8: Why the camera show pink color?
Video may have a slightly red tint as the camera is fitted with an IR lens for the enhanced night vision. 
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