Family Share: How to Let Someone Else Pair with My ZUS


Here's how to let your spouse or significant other connect to the ZUS charger in your car. You have two options. 

Option #1: You can completely remove your connection to the ZUS charger and then let your spouse connect to ZUS. This means that you renounce "ownership" and let your partner become the person that has the hard-bound connection to ZUS.

To remove your connection to ZUS, open the ZUS app on your phone and tap the gear icon at the top right corner of the app screen. Then click on the word "remove", which is located at the bottom of the app screen.

Option #2: Maintain your "ownership" of the ZUS charger and simply let your spouse use ZUS by having him/her send you a request and then you accepting the request.

In order for your spouse to send you a request, he/she needs to download the ZUS app first, create an account and then attempt to pair with ZUS. See the app screens below for guidance.

You will get a notification via the email address on your ZUS account or directly on your ZUS app once he/she submits the request to connect to your ZUS. To grant their request, you will need to manually add your spouse to your family share list on the app. See further instructions here.

A side note: Option #2 can also be used to allow a second phone or a third phone to pair with your ZUS unit. Let's say that you sometimes like to take your iPhone with you when you go out and at other times your Samsung phone. If you grant all your devices access to connect to ZUS, each of them are able to automatically connect to ZUS depending on which one is with you in the car. If they are all in the car, then only ONE mobile device will connect to ZUS. This will often be the "master" device that was the first to pair with your ZUS unit.




* UI may be different in latest app version


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