How ZUS Saves My Parking Location

Before ZUS can save your parking location, the ZUS charger needs to be paired to your phone before you start to drive. (See instructions here on how to pair). 

What triggers ZUS to save my car's location to my phone:

There are two triggers that ZUS utilizes to pin your location when you park. They work together.

#1: When you turn off your engine, ZUS senses a voltage change through the cigarette lighter and therefore will ping your phone to save the car's location, so ZUS engages your phone's GPS to remember the location.

#2: When ZUS is not able to sense this change in voltage, ZUS utilizes the Bluetooth disconnection between your phone and the ZUS charger when you walk a short distance away from your car. If ZUS is using this method, the location pinned may be the location at the point of disconnection. This second method often occurs for cars whose cigarette lighter remains powered on when the engine is off.

How do I know that ZUS has successfully saved my car's location:

There are a couple of things you can check - seeing any one of them means that your car's location has been saved.

  • Push Notification: You should receive this push notification on your phone within a few seconds of parking: "Location saved successfully. Do you want to set a parking meter alert?". Make sure to turn on Parking Notification under Settings on the ZUS app in order to see this.
  • Last Parking Time Displayed is 1 min ago: The Compass View on the app should change from "ZUS is connected" to say "Your Car is Nearby" with the last parking time saved as 1 minute ago.
  • Real-time Car Battery Voltage: The Real-time Car Battery Voltage icon in the Compass View goes from being available to N/A or disappears altogether.

What to do if ZUS failed to save my last parking location:

Please check the following:

1. Next time you drive, check to see that the ZUS charger is plugged into your car's cigarette lighter and that its USB lights are on. 

2. Then open the ZUS app to make sure that ZUS is paired to your phone before you start driving. (see instructions here on pairing). The ZUS app should say "ZUS is connected". Then leave the app working in the background by pressing your phone's home button. Do not fully close the app.

Recommended: We recommend leaving the ZUS app always working in the background. This allows your phone to automatically connect to the ZUS charger when you get into your car. Otherwise, you'll have to pair your phone with the ZUS charger every time before you start driving.

3. Your phone's GPS, Bluetooth and data must be on all the time in order for the ZUS app to successfully save your parking location.

4. If you're parking in a location that is underground or in a multi-story lot, ZUS will not be able to save that parking location due to a lack of GPS signal on your phone. In these situations, we recommend that you manually save your parking location or take a photo



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