Car Battery Health Monitor

You can access real-time readings of your car's battery voltage when the ZUS app displays the message “ZUS is connected", which is usually when you're driving and your phone is paired to the ZUS charger. Otherwise, no battery data is collected or displayed.

Proper Usage of the Battery Data: To make the best use of your car's battery data, observe trends over time to see if your car battery needs a check up.

Instructions on how to use the Battery Monitor:

  1. Tap the middle of the compass on the main app screen to change between the main screen and real-time Car Battery Voltage
  2. Click on Tips for explanations of the “good”, “bad” and “check” statuses
  3. Click on 7-Day Report for long term reports (last 30 days or 90 days reports are available)
  4. There are also suggestions about car battery at the bottom of the screen for your reference



* UI may be different in the latest version of the APP

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