How to Find My Car


What to expect from the Car Finder:

ZUS' car finder function is meant to bring you within sight of your car (about 30 feet) so that you can easily spot your car or use the panic button on your keys. ZUS is not meant to lead you exactly to your car since your phone's GPS has inherent technical limitations which is further affected by the signal strength at the moment. Read on to learn more or skip to the instructions below.

Explanation of ZUS' location accuracy:

Most smartphones use 3 different systems at the same time for locating: Assisted GPS (A-GPS), cellular network positioning and WiFi positioning (the former two lose accuracy in covered areas).

ZUS uses all 3 systems along with your phone's compass and gyroscope to save your parking location and display your car's location. Consequently, the location accuracy displayed on the ZUS app will vary depending on the surrounding environment (the more sky view you have the more accurate your phone's GPS will be) and the available resources on your phone (i.e. data connection for cellular positioning, compass, and Assisted-GPS).

If your phone is using only one of the systems for positioning, the accuracy level will drop. So we recommend that you have your phone's GPS and data turned on when your driving and when you're using the ZUS app to find your car.

Step-by-step instructions to find your car:

Check out the app screenshots below for reference.

  1. Make sure that ZUS has successfully saved your car's location. For poor GPS signal areas, ZUS will not be able to save your location automatically, so we recommend that you manually pin your car's location on the app. See instructions here.
  2. To find your car, you have several options. (1) Scroll to the Map View on the ZUS app to check your car’s location. (2) Use the "Open in Map App" to get navigation instructions. See instructions here. (3) Follow the direction of the arrow in the Compass View.
  3. When you are approaching your car, ZUS app will show “Your Car is Nearby” within "X" number of feet/meter. 
  4. When you find your car and start the engine, ZUS app should automatically connect to the ZUS charger. You can check this seeing whether the ZUS app shows “ZUS is connected” again.

What to do if the compass is telling you to go in the wrong direction of where your car is:

We recommend the following:

Tip #1. When you parked your car, please check your phone map first to see if the ZUS map shows the same location as your phone map (i.e. Google maps or Apple maps)? If the two maps match, then ZUS is correctly saving your parking location, so the compass should work. Make sure to walk in the direction of the blue arrow to find your car. 

If the ZUS map and Google map locations don't match, please send us a screenshot of the map view and another one of the compass view on the ZUS app along with your real location so that we could take a look at it for you? Please send the info to

Tip #2. Fully close the ZUS app and then reopen it to allow the app to recalibrate. Try to be in an area with a clear view of the sky to ensure strong GPS signal.

Tip #3. Please check here for troubleshooting tips on how to make sure that ZUS is saving your car's location correctly. You can also contact us at for help. We're available 7 days a week.

Can ZUS track my car if it's stolen?

No, the ZUS charger itself does not have a GPS chip, which is why ZUS is priced at a very accessible price. Because your phone needs to be near the ZUS charger in order for the app to record your car's location, the ZUS app will not know where you car is if it gets stolen. If car theft is a big concern for you, we recommend looking for a device with a GPS chip embedded but they can be a bit expensive.



When you park your car

When you look for your car



When you park your car

When you look for your car

* UI may be different in latest version of APP


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