[Installation] How to Install ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor



The installation of the Health Monitor is pretty simple. Usually, you just need to plug in the device and pair it in the ZUS app.

The OBD-II port is usually located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel column (1-3 in the diagram below). If not located beneath the steering wheel column, look for the port in the areas indicated by numbers 4-9.


The Key Points for Pairing

  1. Turn on GPS+Bluetooth+Internet on your phone, and monitor should be blinking(not off/on) before starting to pair. 
  2. Pair the monitor in ZUS app instead of the system Bluetooth menu.

Lights Indicator

  • Blinking: Monitor is not connected/ paired with App. Please turn on Bluetooth+GPS+Internet and ZUS app.
  • Keep On: Monitor is connected to ZUS App and connected phone/tablet is nearby. You may switch off your phone system Bluetooth to see if it's connected to this phone. If it still keeps on, please check if ZUS app is installed on another ios/android device and that device should be nearby
  • No lights: Monitor gets no power. Please plugin again.  


Step-by-step instructions to pair ZUS STSM:

Click on  > Choose "Smart Vehicle Health Monitor" > Add "ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor" > Follow the app instructions to complete pairing. 

When ZUS app showing connected, your mart Vehicle Health Monitor indication light will turn into solid on the statue. 

Screen_Shot_2017-12-02_at_17.24.34.png Screen_Shot_2017-12-02_at_17.26.08.png Screen_Shot_2017-12-02_at_17.25.01.png


Q1: What can this Health Monitor do? 

When you are driving, you may put your phone next to the dashboard and check the numbers. For some cars, it won't have the exact number but a range only.  So this monitor can show you more about your car's performance when driving. 

Safety center provides you a way to be a professional doctor for your car.  When the "Check Engine Light" is suddenly on next time, you just need to scan and read the detailed explanation about OBD II Trouble Codes then decide if you need to go for a check. If it's not a problem, you may use the safety center to decode and the lights won't show on your dashboard anymore. No worries anymore.  


Q2: Why the lights on the monitor are not on? 

  1. Please check if your car support OBD-II
  2. Please make sure you plug into the position. Please unplug and plug again. 


Q3: Why the monitor is blinking but cannot connect? 

  1. If you have other ZUS devices, please unplug them (e.g. ZUS charger, ZUS tire pressure monitor) and try to pair again. 
  2. Switch on/off the Bluetooth/airplane mode or restart your phone


Q4: Why there is no data on the pro dashboard? 

  1. Please power off the car, unplug and plug again. Some cars need to try twice. 
  2. You may also try in the other car to see if it's the product is defective or the compatibility problem with the car. 


Q5: Why there is no number on TURBO?

It would show the number if:

  1. The car has a turbo. (Usually, your car would come with a T like 3.0T/2.0T. ) 
  2. You start driving.
  3. REV reaches the high level and trigger the turbo. 

If all three points are met but you still cannot see the Turbo, it means that the monitor cannot access to your car's turbo data. You may contact our customer service at cs@nonda.us for the return process. 


Q6: Why the speed on OBD is different from my car's dashboard? 

Our OBD is very sensitive which reflects car speed promptly than car odometer. Most car's odometers are designed to be 2-10% faster than actual speed to avoid car accidents. Our monitor is 5% faster than the actual speed. So if your car only set 2% faster, it would show a faster speed in App. 


Q7: Why my battery is drained over some days? 

If ZUS' lights are off after you've turned off the ignition, there will be no battery drain problem.
If ZUS' lights are on after the ignition is off, especially when the light is still on after 2 hours or
during the whole night, and you're not going to drive the car for more than 3 weeks, we
recommend that you unplug ZUS from the socket. 

Some cars would detect the monitor and keep working when the monitor is plugged. The monitor itself doesn't consume much power. It's actually the components of the car which triggered by the monitor drain the battery. 


Q8: Why don't my scan results show the detail of all codes?

We are actively updating the database of our app scan results with rich explanations, and before the new database is synced in the App, we created a website of OBD2 codes that you may encounter.

Feel free to check it out HERE for the OBD2 code explanations. You can search for the codes you found in the Search Bar.



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