[Installation] How to Pair Car Key Finder/iHere



If you check this page, it means you might have some problems during the pairing process. If not, it's still good to know more before you start.

The key points for pairing

  1. Turn on Phone Bluetooth
  2. Pair in iHere/ Car Key Finder APP instead of system Bluetooth menu
  3. Charge the device to full and red light blink once if you click the button

Receiver lights Indicator

  • Red light is blinking: Bluetooth is disconnected
  • After pressing once, red light blink once:iHere is ready to pair
  • After pressing once, green light blink once:iHere is connected with phone

If after trying above steps and tips and it still doesn't work, you may contact us at cs@nonda.us with error screenshot. Our agents would response within 1 hour.   


Step-by-step instructions to pair iHere/Car Key Finder

  1. Slide to next page in first three pages
  2. Click “Start using iHere”
  3. Enable all access
  4. Short press and red light would blink once which means iHere is good to connect. When Bluetooth is connected, it would go to next page and green light would blink once if you click.




Q1: Why I cannot enable GPS Location Service?

Please check:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Car Key Finder/iHere > Always

Settings (scroll down) > Car Key Finder/iHere > Location > Always


 *UI might be different for the app of newest version  

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