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If you're a business owner or you frequently need to drive for business, Mileage Log is going to be a lifesaver when it comes to tracking your mileage, exporting reports for your company's accountant, and showing you your tax deductions.  

If you're a normal user, you would know how many times or how many miles you drove monthly, weekly or daily. You may also check where you have been and how long the trip takes. It's free for the first 60 trips every month. 

With the ZUS mileage logger, you can enjoy:

  • Automatic mileage logging 
  • One-swipe classification of your drives
  • Easily add more details for each drive if needed
  • Auto weekly/monthly report
  • Edit or check mileage log at the online dashboard


Q1: How to get my tax deduction or reimbursement?

You can either submit your miles for reimbursement to your employer (if they pay for business miles), or else you can deduct them from your taxes if they are business-related drives and you are a Schedule C filer (small business owner). 

To deduct them on your taxes, you'll want to consult a tax professional to ensure that you are filling out the proper forms. That said, you'll need to follow the tax instructions for deducting the business use of a vehicle. When you classify your drives in your account from the ZUS app, you can see what the IRS deductions (against your business income) would be. Just remember that the IRS requires a "Purpose" for every drive which you can add from the drop-down menu in your dashboard.

For more information about using your vehicle for business in the US, please see this article from the IRS. 

For ZUS, we work to make it as easy as possible for you to submit your miles for the expense, invoice, or tax purposes!


Q2: Why my drive is not recorded? 

Usually, mileage would be recorded automatically. If it's not the case for you, it's mainly because the ZUS charger is not connected with the ZUS app either at the beginning or the end of the drive. You may check if the parking location and parking time are correct. If both are missed or wrong, the mileage would be missing or wrong as well. To record the right parking information, you may check here for full steps. The key points are to check follows before you start driving. 

  • ZUS App is running, GPS + Internet + Bluetooth are ON
  • ZUS Lights stay on (not blinking or off) 

For iOS, please choose "Always" for location service in the system setting. Also, iOS users can manually add a trip by top left car icon > Mileage Log > Manually Log a Drive

If ZUS app records your parking location but there is no mileage, please send us the screenshot of the compass view and mileage view at cs@nonda.us and our engineers would check for you.  


Q3: How to enable/disable Weekly/Monthly mileage report? 

From ZUS app: Mileage Log > Settings > Customization: Email Notifications >ON/OFF

From Website: mileage.nonda.co > Login > Settings at top right > Email Report > Tick/Not > Save


Q4: What's the difference to check the mileage report on ZUS app and Website?

We released the website version as a handy platform for mileage users recently (Aug 2017). The website version has more features than ZUS app. You can bulk mark your trips or download the report directly other than send to the registered email. But you can only register or purchase the subscription on ZUS app. 


Q5: How to get the mileage report if my email is invalid or cannot receive the auto report? 

There are 2 ways to request a mileage report. You may also switch on Auto Report which you would get the mileage report monthly/weekly. You may check Q3 for how to enable it. 

From App: Mileage Log > Report Icon at top right >  Send XX year/ XX month Report

From Website: mileage.nonda.co > Login > Dashboard > Choose Car + Year/Month > Download / Send to Email


Q6: How to classify drives? 

You may swipe left for personal trips and swipe right for business trips. If you need a more detailed classification, you may try a long swipe by swiping a drive card halfway across the screen will reveal a "Choose Purpose" prompt.

Secondary Business Purposes: Between Offices, Customer Visit, Meeting, Errand/Supplies, Meal/Entertain, Temporary Site, Airport/Travel

Secondary Personal Purposes are: Commute, Medical, Charity, Moving


Q7: How to edit my drives?

From ZUS app or mileage.nonda.co, you may choose one trip and then change location name, add parking/toll fee, add notes, edit classification, add/edit purpose and delete the trip. 


Q8: How to subscribe to the mileage log? 

It's free for the first 60 drives every month and you may upgrade to unlimited drives for $2.99/month recurring or $29.99/year recurring.

Method 1: mileage.nonda.co > Settings > Subscription & Redemption 

Method 2: Mileage Log > Get Unlimited Drives > Open in App Store/Google Play to confirm and pay


Q9: How to restore my subscription if I changed a ZUS account? 

If you purchase from apple store/google play and you log in by the same iOS/Android account, you may go to: Mileage Log > Subscription & Redemption > Restore All Purchases

If you change between iOS and Android phones but still use the same ZUS account, the subscription would also synchronize automatically. 

Coupon redemption or purchasing the mileage outside the apple store or google play cannot be restored and subscription would be under your original ZUS app account. 

Q9: Why do I get a "0" in trips value?

Our mileage calculation is based on local car expenses regulations. (You may check your country's regulation through government taxation website) If your mileage exceeded the maximum claiming for the year, the trip's value will show "0". For example, users in Australia are allowed to claim 5,000 business kilometers car expense per car each year. Mileage will show "0" in the surpassed trips for users who set the mileage region into AU . 

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