[Feature] How to Find Your Parked Car


Three key points to check if ZUS didn't save your parking location: App is running, Bluetooth on and GPS on from the beginning of the drive. The three lights of ZUS should be on.  It is important to understand what the ZUS lights indicator means while using the App. 

ZUS lights Indicator:

  • Blinking:ZUS is not connected with App.No parking location and mileage would be recorded. Please turn on Bluetooth+GPS+Internet and ZUS app.
  • No lights:ZUS is not connected with the cigarette lighter or App. No parking location, mileage or battery voltage would be recorded. Please plug in or adjust charger's position.  
  • Keep On: ZUS is connected with ZUS App and it's ready to record your parking location after parking. 


Before You Begin

  • ZUS App is running, GPS + Internet + Bluetooth are ON
  • ZUS Lights stay on (not blinking or off) 


Find Your Car

  1. When you park your car: Car Voltage would be lower than standard, which lets maps mark the location of your car. ZUS app would notify you in 10 sec and record your parking location automatically
  2. When you try to find your car: You may tap on the map to check car’s location, let the blue icon facing the parked car icon and follow the direction to find your car. 


If you're parking in a location that is underground or in a multi-story lot, ZUS will not be able to save that parking location due to a lack of GPS signal on your phone. In these situations, we recommend that you manual save your parking location or take a photo


If it still doesn't work, please send us a screenshot of the map view, the compass view on the ZUS app and your app account along with your real location and date and our engineers would check for you. Our customer care email is cs@nonda.us.






When you park your car

When you look for your car



When you park your car

When you look for your car

* UI may be different in latest version of APP


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