What if I mark my AIKO lost?

When you walk around your AIKO’s last known location and have still not received the connected sign, you might have lost your AIKO device. Don't worry. Tap ‘Mark lost’ button on the main app screen to let us know that your AIKO is lost so that we will begin to search for it. The 'Mark lost' button will then become 'Lost' and unclickable.

  • If your lost AIKO happens to show up within your phone's bluetooth range, the unclickable 'Lost' button will become 'Find' and clickable. Then you'll be able to ring your AIKO again. Follow the sound to find your AIKO.
  • Every nonda product user is helping with the search. Whenever a nonda product user is within your lost AIKO's bluetooth range, your AIKO's location will be updated anonymously and you'll receive a notification in AIKO app. Follow the map to get your AIKO back.


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